Top 5 Games – Christmas Gifts For Kids

Hello there!  If you have children in your life, whether your own, your grandchildren, nieces, nephews or even friends’ kids, you are probably wondering what games are popular this holiday season.  I’m not talking about video games, but instead the old fashioned board games and the like, that are played by two or more people in the same room.

Games, Games, Games

Who doesn’t love games?  They provide great opportunities for bonding, laughter and fun!  I have so many fond memories of playing Monopoly, Trouble and Connect Four with my family when I was growing up.  Candyland was another favorite.  I did some looking around to find the most popular games of this holiday season and beyond and found some truly interesting and exciting ones!

I am a very proud aunt!  I love the kiddos to pieces and would love for them to spend a little less time on the computer, Playstation, iPad and other gadgets.  There’s something about the face to face interaction and fun while playing a game with others.  This is how some of the best memories are made, in my opinion.

So what are the best games of today?  I’ve done a bit of research to remove some of the guesswork for you and hopefully save you some time.  All of these items are available from Amazon via clicking the pictures.  Other great retailers carry these as well, so if you are in a bind with time, say on Christmas eve, hopefully you can find something wonderful nearby.

If you do use one of the links below, please note that I do receive a commission from Amazon.

My List of the Top 5 Games – Christmas Gifts for Kids

Family Game - Hasbro Pie Face

Pie Face

Pie Face by Hasbro looks super fun and is sure to cause lots of laughter!  Splat! Basically you slide your head through the mask, and score a point for every turn you pass without getting splatted!  The pie-throwing arm can go off at any time.  You do need whipped cream in order to play.  This one may be a little messy, but should be tons of fun for nearly all ages (rated 5+).


Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition is a hilarious new game.  I’ve seen some pictures on facebook of friends playing this and they sure look funny!  This one’s for 3-10 players.  The teams wear these plastic “cheek retractors” and try to read or interpret phrases.  Very fun stuff.  This version is family friendly.  The game is rated for ages 8+.  If you end up with this one, I want to see pictures!  🙂

Jenga is an old favorite of mine!  The classic stacking game requires skill and concentration.  I’ve always found it to be funny watching it tumble when someone pulls the wrong piece, as long as it wasn’t me, hehe. 🙂  This one will last for a long time, since the blocks are made of quality hardwood.  Rated ages 6+.

Connect4 by Hasbro is still very popular, years later!  I’m so excited to find this out.  This is a fun strategy game, that’s easy to learn.  The goal is to be the first of two players to make a row of four, with your chip color in a grid.  Your opponent will drop his/her chips to block you from doing so.  It’s a reasonably inexpensive game too!  Rated ages 6+.


Exploding Kittens sounds like a terrible title for a game, given my love for cats, but the reviews are great.  It’s a card game for 2-5 players or even more if you have an additional deck of cards.  It’s a very strategic game, basically a cat-themed version of Russian Roulette.   The cards feature great artwork and are high quality.  This is rated for age 7 and up.

I’d love to hear about other family friendly board games.  Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments.  🙂





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